Not well, sorry.

I would love to say I feel wonderful, everything is fine and tomorrow I will be undertaking some Herculean task but I am not. 


My back is going, going, gone.  There are no words to describe how nasty the sciatic pain is down my left leg.  Exhausting.


I can just walk (albeit slowly), I find sitting difficult and am slowly giving in to the painkillers, which I hate. I can’t drive and I hurt sitting in the car as a passenger.  I will do this for emergencies, though.


One good thing – I can still ride Haakon and he, bless him, looks after me and seems to understand that I am his fragile passenger.  I do feel the clock is ticking on the riding front, though.


I am waiting for an emergency MRI scan in Aberdeen and leap on every telephone call in the hope it will be them with a date for me to travel down south.


Sorry for the whinge. I really do try not (I was told once that all I do is whinge) to but today got the better of me.


Things that cheer me up are nice emails, trying to sell my daughters into slavery, snogging my ponios and designing adverts for the Shetland Pony Stud-Book Society Magazine!


9 thoughts on “Not well, sorry.

  1. dellwatkins

    Your blog and photos bring such joy to my life.  I hope and pray for a cure for your back.  Love, Dell and her Shetlands in Arkansas, USA

  2. Frances Taylor

    Thank you. That means a great deal. Being ill is so not me. I like to achieve every day not lie in bed and feel sorry for myself. xx

  3. Liz Reid

    I love reading your blog, Frances, and hope your call comes soon and they can do something about your back, if only to make your life easier.I know my daughter sent you a message about your lovely girls in their cardies. To see them pop up on the news in Melbourne (Australia) a surprise and a delight. Joan (my daughters godmother) is in her 80’s and many many years ago rode a Shetland, and I’m sure seeing your girls reminded her of that pony and the fun she had with him. I know she was thoroughly enthralled with the girls and their cardies. She reminisced for hours later about them and the pony she once had.

  4. John Davies

    I suspected that I knew what “whinge” was from the context; I wonder why we choose to drop the “g” for our purposes over here in America? I hope you get the MRI done soon and the back figured out! I’m enjoying your life with ponies and I hope you will be doing these things for a long time to come!

  5. Marcia

    Hope you feel much better soon, Fran! I dealt with all types of back problems and pain during my 20’s and 30’s. Never got better until I found a very good chiropractor. I have been pain free for over 20 years now! Hoping this gives you hope for relief from the pain. Can also recommend yoga which has helped me tremendously. ( I can even shovel pony poo now!!!)

  6. Michelle

    Having had a brief slide into severe back pain about a decade ago I can sympathize. I have NEVER felt so desperate; there was no escaping the constant pain. I wish I could do something for you!


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