Norway Films

It has been raining all day and so not the right weather to take a camera anywhere.

I also have had a stinking headache all day, which won’t go away, so I am not in the mood to write much – sorry.

Anywho, I dug out the films Daisy took (you can hear me snapping away with my camera in the background).  I have been saving them for a rainy day!

The first film is of the reindeer and their Saami handlers who were at the beginning of the Opening Ceremony at Rørosmartnan.

This film is the Opening Ceremony with the horses and sleighs arriving.  It was incredible.

In the afternoon, we went on our own sleigh ride, which was probably one of the most magical events in my life.  Utter heaven.

The next day, we went back to Røros as there were less crowds.  Everyone was in very festive mood.  There were small gatherings of folk in the little courtyards where the horses were stabled.

On our way back to the car, we passed the park where the reindeer were living for the week.  We had a little chat.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the films and I hope my headache will finally go and the rain will stop. We are all rather bored of it now.


7 thoughts on “Norway Films

  1. Sam

    Some times a rainy day and headache work together to up the misery level. A hot drink, warm critter and a long nap are in order.

  2. Denny144

    I want one of those lap rugs/sleeping bag things you had on the sleigh. Just right for bundling up during our winters here in Michigan, USA.

  3. Darby

    I loved seeing these films Frances. I remember years ago the zoo not far from us had reindeer as part of their holiday lights celebration. I hope you are feeling better, and Lambie too!

  4. Nancy

    It’s AMAZING that the horses (in the Opening Ceremony) do not slide on the snow!?!
    I assume it’s an incline?
    Are they wearing special shoes?!


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