Northern Lights

We’ve had some fairly spectacular skies recently.  Although usual for this time of year, I do love the beautiful expanse of Shetland sky and, you know me, I am always on the look out for a good photo.

This is the sunrise from my bedroom window this morning 07:45.

Then around two o’clock this afternoon.

And the last glimpse of the sun (a few nights back).  Shetland is breath-taking.

Meanwhile, the view from the backdoor two night’s ago.

Not bad, eh?

(though I realised the trees have grown a bit this year so I had to go and find a better spot in front of them.  Obviously I trudged out in my bedroom slippers, of course. I did regret that choice).

And then there was an immense green glow around West North West.

Once they had died down, I went to run my bath and off the Mirrie Dancers (Shetland dialect for Northern Lights) went again.

So this is the view from the bathroom window!

Apparently they may appear tonight so I am planning to get my real Northern Light watching kit together – wellies, fingerless gloves, warm coat and a proper camera on a tripod.  All these photos are with my phone perched on a fence-post, which is not ideal.

11 thoughts on “Northern Lights

  1. darby callahan

    I have always dreamed of seeing the Northern lights. As this probably will not happen, thank you for these amazing phots!

  2. Christine

    How wonderful to have them just out your back door! People travel long distances and spend lots of money just to maybe, possibly, if they’re lucky, get a glimpse.


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