My Old Man

It was a lovely afternoon – the sun went behind the hill at around 17.30 – a gorgeous gentle light.

The Old Men were slowly meandering their way down to their night-time field – it has more shelter and the stream.  It’s their choice. We leave the gate open so they can come and go as they please and they are usually back up by morning.

Haakon spied me and my camera.

He is doing very well this winter and I am pleased, as well as relieved.

His morning bucket feed with TurmerAid has kept him looking and moving well.

26 years old.  I can’t believe it.  Haakon’s birthday is 10th May (born 1994).  I bought him after a phone call and seeing one photo when he was 2 years old.  I backed and trained him myself, having never done anything like that before but it seemed like a good idea at the time.  We have had our moments. He was never easy but we trust each other, which I think has got us this far.  For a long time, I think he thought his name was “get a grip!”

I understand how he thinks.  Some might say we are like an old married couple!

I talk to Haakon a lot. I always have.  He is a good listener and, when we go for walks, he touches my hand with his nose so I know he is there. He is definitely not a huggy horse. He would hate that but he does always communicate in his way.

It’s funny what your best friend looks like.  Haakon is very handsome.  I always love being with him.



9 thoughts on “My Old Man

  1. Nicki

    Absolutely stunning photos and wonderful words, I lost my pony of a lifetime November last year like Haakon we spoke a lot she listened a lot and often snuggled when I needed it. She was born 19th May 1994 I miss her. Enjoy all your amazing moments together. I treasure mine xx

  2. Linda

    Haakon’s nose in your hand is just like our dog and her “nose pokes.” But I have to be conscious of it, because it goes so quickly. I love it!

  3. Linda Kirk

    As well as being very handsome, he looks like such a strong individual. I love the photos, especially the second last one, which is gorgeous. I’ve always pictured Haakon carrying a large hairy Icelandic Viking.

  4. Christine

    Gaskin looks great! Did he come with that name or did you choose it? I do love all the Icelandic names.
    My horse is also not a huggy type. I think of him as a stoic Norseman, and he’s very happy with that description:)


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