Musical Bed in the Shed

My shed/studio/shudio/whatever is finally finished.  The carpets are down and “lovely things” are coming in and filling it up fast.

But priorities of course – first to sort out Her Maj’s bed.  While I hoovered the new carpet tiles, I put her on the chair for safe-keeping.

Then I struggled outside in the increasing wind and rain to find Loki’s old dog bed which had been lovingly preserved until we might need it again.

BeAnne was not a huge fan and I sort of understood why – too big and smelled all wrong.

But she did try to like it while also making me feel guilty. A skill.

OH came in to put up my picture and Her Maj made her feelings very clear.

So OH kindly said he would swap Her Maj’s beds.  She has one under my desk in the house which she rarely uses.

You can see how popular that idea was.

So I shouted at her to bl**dy well get in her bed and stop this nonsence.

Daisy (my stylist) popped by and said the bed was obviously in the wrong place so I moved it.

BeAnne went once into her bed to mess it up and then sat on my knee with her head on the table so she could sulk at me.  Another skill.  Oh, we are full of them today.

I even added her blankie (my old Icelandic gansey).

And I have been adding things to my shed ever since.  No one goes in empty handed.

All my favourite stuff.

I love it.


I am going to have so much fun.  With or without BeAnne if she gets over herself.  I refuse to buy another ruddy dog bed (I type, looking at Amazon for something perfect).



12 thoughts on “Musical Bed in the Shed

  1. Sam

    Such sulking and pouting – worthy of both a Bafta and an Oscar! Seriously, why should she have a used bed when she knows Loki would not like it AT ALL if she deigned to nap there? A new pile of carpet tiles and your sweater while the new bed (we all know you bought one) is in transit. Love your shed!

  2. Linda K

    Love your shed. Can’t wait to see the new creations it inspires.
    BeAnne should have the best bed money can buy. She deserves it. (She told me!)

  3. diane in northern wis

    How very awesome! I love your new Shudio too! Will Monster be coming to visit from time to time? He could keep BeAnne company! Although he would probably need a bed too! What a neat spot you’ve got now. Can’t wait to see all that you’re planning to do with it. Let the Artistry begin!!!!

  4. May

    I don’t know about her maj, but our cats love to sleep on fleece or a knitted cat blankie. Perhaps the sheep could contribute to her comfort?


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