Mud and Miserable Weather

A reminder – I need a reminder of what it was like when the sun shone and I was not up to my oxters in mud.

An oxter, by the way, is an armpit.  A jolly good word in my opinion and should be used widely.


Anywho, the rain, it doth rain (as well as hail and sleet) and the wind it doth blow a lot.  While not quite knocking me off my feet, it is enough to make everything take twice as long as I battle through trying to feed ponies, muck them out, decide who wears a rug and why and who doesn’t.  Life is very complicated and, because of the filthy weather, difficult.  There is mud everywhere and I feel like Tarzan swinging from the jungle lianas only I use the horses and their tails to keep me upright as I wade my way through the mud collecting empty buckets, trying not to suddenly find I am sans wellie.  That miserable wet sock feeling knowing you have the choice of putting a muddy sock back into the welly to try and pull it out or just walking home with one on and one off.  Neither choice is nice.

Just as long as the mud doesn’t swallow a horse – remember Artax in the Swamp of Sadness.  It is not dissimilar here.

No one is enjoying this and everyone is fed up.


The horses were out in their field today but, when I saw them hunkering down like this behind the dry stone dyke (stone wall), I immediately felt sorry for them, knowing what the weather was going to do tonight.

BN2A0945 BN2A0947

They are now all in with hay, water and friends to annoy – warm and dry.  Girls in one shed and boys in another.  Apparently the sun might shine tomorrow.

🙌  👏  🙌 👏 🙌  👏  🙌 👏 🙌  👏  🙌 👏 🙌  👏  🙌 👏 🙌  👏  🙌

4 thoughts on “Mud and Miserable Weather

  1. Carol Wood

    When Apollo comes in each night to his stable – his Mum was Threapwood Velia – I tell him the news from his homeland. He looks at me wide eyed (As if to say “Are you real???”), then goes off to eat his tea!!!!

    I love reading about the ponies and their exploits, plus Lambie, Lambster and the rest of them.

    So pleased that you won the Best Blog Award. Have a lovely Christmas 🙂

    1. Frances Post author

      Thank you Carol.
      Please give Polso (our name for Apollo) a huge hug and a kiss from me and tell him I am glad he is happy and hope he is behaving. He was always a good boy and Velia was very proud of him.
      Have a lovely Christmas too xx

      1. Carol Wood

        Thank you for your reply. How strange you called him Polso – I call him Plopski!!!! We bought him in September from the lady you sold him too. He’s unbroken but we hope to break him to drive in the spring. He is a sweetie but very selective in who he lets handle him LOL 🙂 He has a friend in Charlie, he’s a 10.3 Dartmoor x Shetland. Both are black and our final aim is to drive them as a pair. They graze together and share a stable. He really is a sweetie and quite loved !!!!! xx


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