Much Better

This little lot seem much better.

While, I sorted out their filthy bedroom, I let them out to play.  The wheelbarrow was not upright for long – thank you, Waffle, and they were into everything.

All three were racing around the school and I would say Waffle is certainly 100% again.

Albie and Tiddles may need a bit longer inside.

It was nice to see them playing too.

The minute a sense of humour appears, I know everything will probably be alright.  Today, they were very wicked.

I didn’t ask them to run – they just wanted to.  A lot.

Like every parent, I mucked out their bedroom (quite literally!) and they ran back in as I had also added two new haynets of soaked hay.

I am glad Waffle, Albie and Tiddles are brighter.  Everything feels almost back to normal.

Tomorrow, I might let Waffle go back outside.  On the track, all food has been cut right back to nothing and they only have what they can find to eat now.  There is much complaining.  I don’t want to go back to Square 1, but I do need to know if he could live outside.

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