More Photos from the Cunningsburgh Show

I am still exhausted from yesterday.  I suppose I had forgotten just how much work there is to be done behind the scenes at a Show.

So, again, I am going to take the easy option and just plaster the blog with photos that didn’t quite make the grade yesterday!

Floss and I were helping Bergli Stud.

Throughout the day, they did very well.

It is always good to be part of a winning team.

Yesterday’s Show results are as follows:

Bergli Hera – 1st – Mare with foal at foot.

Bergli Gloria 1st  – 1 year old filly
Bergli Dimma 1st – 3 years old filly
Bergli Pandora 1st – 3 yrs old miniature filly and best broken colour – she won a  trophy.
Bergli Holy – 2nd – yield mare
Bergli Tia – 2nd – 1 yr old mini filly
Bergli Gilda – 3rd – 2 year old mini filly
Hedelunds Puk 2nd –  mini mares

So well done everyone.

Today, I cleaned the house (visitors on Saturday staying for two weeks) and then went to work packing vegetables for Transition Turriefield.  BeAnne came with me and it was nice but everything then catches up with me and by now, I just don’t have the strength to write much.  Sorry for the recycling. I think it is really off to bed and catch up on Game of Thrones.

Saturday – Walls Show
Sunday – Viking Show

So I am trying to conserve my strength.  My back is a bit tetchy at the moment and I am trying hard not to resort to analgesia.  I tell myself that at least I don’t have to run around the Show ring!


7 thoughts on “More Photos from the Cunningsburgh Show

  1. Sam

    Having been the Trophy Babe for the Spanish Water Dog Club of America’s recent National, I totally understand the exhaustion of the backstage work of any show. Theater, canine or equine. Bjorn’s ponies are lovely to see. Thanks for all the pictures.

  2. Terri

    Thanks for more photos, no apologies necessary. I especially love the second to last photo, of the beautiful mare with 4 little legs showing behind her (I assume it’s her foal) — very cute. The “action” shots are great too. Rest up and enjoy the weekend!

  3. diane in northern wisconsin

    Great pics Frances. Thanks so much. Wow….you’ve got company for two weeks? Whew that’s a lot of work. Hope your back and you are feeling better soon. Loved seeing all these pictures.


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