Monster’s Kingdom

Monster views the world as basically all his.

Where we go (ie, the dogs and I), Monster will come too…… if he feels like it.  I love his relationship with Pepper too.  They definitely communicate.

On this particular sunny afternoon, when I took the dogs out for a run, Monster was with us all the way.

He even sat down to enjoy the sun.

And then went a bit blancmange-like on a rock.

Monster seemed very happy, though, surveying us from his rock.

(with the sun shining through his ears)  Am I the only one wondering if Grumpy Cat needs a stand-in!

Today, I found Monster practising to be part of the furniture.

He is one very photogenic cat and we are just part of his world. I realise that now.

4 thoughts on “Monster’s Kingdom

  1. diane in northern wis

    your Monster is one beautiful cat! I love that pic with his pink ears and nose! Great pictures all. Glad he and Pepper get along so well!

  2. Elva

    My favorite is the third photo from the bottom. Monster has mastered the “cool cat” look while posing on that rock! He is one handsome dude!!


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