Minions Playing

After breakfast, the Minions like to play while I am busy worrying that this is like swimming after a large lunch and not waiting an hour. I can still hear my mother’s voice and then I worry that everyone will have colic because that is what happens, apparently…… or something.

But no, Shetland ponies have to annoy each other. It’s in their job description.  Today it was Waffle and Tiddles’ turn and they were having the best fun together.

It was wonderful to watch and I defy anyone not to smile.

Meanwhile, while I was filming this, I was being nibbled by three little ponies.  They went through my pockets and I could feel definite nibbling.

Albie…..(of course)

Newt – who has teeth (ahem!)

And Newt’s cousin, Storm who was a bit kinder.

Later on, at the end of the dogwalk and as it was such a lovely day, I sat on a big rock and waited to see who wanted to talk.  Pepper stayed with me. Ted went home.

(it is lovely having the Minions home)


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