Minions Help

Floss and I drove over to Sandness to feed Vitamin and Fivla their daily bucket of grub, while checking everyone else (or they checked us – it’s always difficult to tell and depends on your perspective.)

We spent some time with the ponies, which was entertaining.

Although the younger ones get no real food, they were given carrots and Newt decided to show me just how hungry he was feeling by eating strands of fence wire at me!  He looks very stocky!

Fivla gets less to eat than Vitamin (yes, I caved) and she finished up early so then it was time for the opportunistic vultures who had been circling.

A friend, who was walking his dog, stopped for a chat.  Albie was intrigued.  The dog was very good with them.

Newt was interested too.  We kept a strict eye on the ponies just in case there was random nibbling.

I had stupidly left a large pot of Sudocrem (for sunburnt noseys) on the ground and, while we were chatting and not looking, small ponies managed to open it and dip in!

Fairy-tale Fivla.

So, if nothing else they made us smile.

And then Floss clarted the sunburnt noseys with Sudocrem and we ran away very quickly before they could spread it back onto us, which is what usually happens.

8 thoughts on “Minions Help

  1. darby callahan

    Ponies make everything better. I have a tee shirt that says” If there are no ponies in Heaven I’m not going”

  2. diane in northern wis

    These are such beautiful pictures of your beautiful minions. What a blessing to have more sweet critters to care for.

  3. Eva

    Mmmm sudocrem dip with the carrot sticks!

    Missing seeing your little Hi-Vis ed side kick in the photos, so can I only imagine how big her little space feels to you x

  4. Highmac

    Frances, I love it when you use old Scottish words my mum used to use. I was frequently a ‘clarty whalp’ (I think – and hope – translated as ‘mucky pup’). Lovely to see Floss giving us scale for the Minions in these lovely pix.


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