Me and My Painpod

My faithful little Painpod died last week, never to go again and believe me, we tried.  I don’t grudge its’ demise since it was a good and faithful little workhorse for many years.

So I told myself nothing lasts forever, and promptly got another.  The thought of being without a Painpod was not a situation I would ever consider.

So this is my Sunday “Show and Tell”.

I ordered a Painpod 3, a bio-belt with extra pads and leads.

The belt is a vital piece of kit for me. I wear mine all day, taking it off only for bed (but have been known to go to sleep with it on).

To charge up the Painpod (which only takes a couple of hours), there is a USB cable with plug.

Reusable pads of all shapes and sizes, plus leads which fit onto both pads or belt.

A useful instruction book which guides you through all the 12 different treatments.

So, I laid out my belt and attached it to the pad.

I ran my hand under the tap and just lightly wetted the surface for better conduction.

Then I attached the leads – they clip on very easily.

I attached the other end of the leads to the Painpod. There are two ports – A and B – which means you can run two different therapies simultaneously. I tried this when I once woke up with a frozen shoulder. I had my back belt on as per usual and added a couple of pads onto my shoulder, and had the machine pinging out two different treatments.  It was amazing. My frozen shoulder was better in a few hours!  The machine is conveniently set with ten minute sessions up to 60 minutes maximum.

So this is my belt on my fat back.  And yes, that is one of many spinal surgery scars running all the way down.  The pad covers the right area where my chronic pain lives but is easily moved if necessary.

I pull up my trousers, pop the Painpod in my pocket and get on with my day.

Here is my “happy face” now I am quietly zapping away with my new Painpod.

15 thoughts on “Me and My Painpod

  1. Dee Savage

    Frances, thanks so much for this information. I have a TENS unit (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation..TENS) which I think is similar to your Pain Pod. You are amazing to share pics of your wearing it, showing your scars. I’d love to know more about your back issue journey. Could we email about it? Don’t know how much you want to share here. I am encouraged by your life style despite back pain. Yesterday I fell (not hurt) and stumbled..I think instead of pain in my right foot from back problem, it is causing numbness, which made me stumble and later fall. Because numbness doesn’t hurt, it is easy to ignore, but the damage to the nerve is not reversable. I’m reluctant to have surgery because often the surgery causes more pain than the initial back problem. Did any of your surgeries cause more problems than the original back problem? This is not idle curiousity, but a desire to know how people have dealt with these issues. Thanks.

    1. Frances Post author

      I am happy to share anything that will help others.

      My back “went” after too much lifting (prolapsed disk) and I couldn’t walk, so operation. Then it “went” again when my horse stumbled and I went over his head into a wall, so operation, and then for a third time when I found suddenly I couldn’t walk or sit down so…. operation. Now I have a fused back with two bulging disks around the fused area. It has been like this for a few years.

      I also can’t take painkillers. I have every side-effect and even anaphylaxis. Bugger.

      But I have chronic pain 24/7. It is so boring and eroding. I have learned that I can’t stop it but I can learn to live with it. I set myself up to succeed. I take Turmeric Capsules (Turmoil from The Golden Paste Company) every morning and evening. They work as my analgesia and help hugely. Before I go to sleep, I lie on an acupressure mat (off Amazon) for at least an hour, which helps sleep and also pain control. If I sleep well, my back aches less. If I am stressed, my back aches more. I do what I can during the day. I limit my life too. There is not point doing 5 ponies’ feet when I can only do two properly. So I do two and come back another day. Yes, it hurts, but I rev up the Painpod and in a few hours the pain has subsided.

      I ride my horse. He doesn’t trot. That makes a huge difference for me. He tolts. I do ride Daisy’s horse who does trot and I hate it and feel it the rest of the day and possibly the next.

      If I need to stop and rest, I do just that. Rest and pain-control keep my back useable and liveable with. The Painpod is a huge game-changer. Yes, expensive but actually worth every penny in how it has transformed my life to be able to have my life.

      So that’s me. Everyone is different. I think what I have is “failed back surgery” but sadly it was essential if I wanted to walk. Yes, I got to walk and sit down but I also gained chronic pain as a by-product. I never have a day, let alone an hour off, from it but the Painpod has, while not taking the pain away, certainly diverted my attention from it.

      I hope that helps. xx

  2. Linda

    I’m so glad to hear you’ve found something that works so well for you, Frances. I have a friend with spinal stenosis, and I’m going to tell her about your pain pod.

  3. dee savage

    Frances, thank you for replying to my back questions. You are amazing. Despite this 24/7 pain of yours. you still do the horse’s feet, decorate a tree, ride horses, write and do photography for your blog, and all the other physical things that go on in the active, outdoor lifestyle you have. You don’t give up. I gave up ballroom dancing, and am limiting myself in other areas, like gardening, for fear of making things worse. And the fact that you can’t take pain pills. Oh my. Does a heating pad help you at all? You truly are amazing. I am going to research the turmeric supplements and the accupressure mat. Any suggestions on how you use this mat, for what amount of time, etc.? Thank you again…am sure there are others of us out there who are helped by the info you gave. I am so sorry you are having to go through this. But you sound like a ferocius fighter. Many thanks for sharing this story with us.

    1. Frances Post author

      After I have finished work (at 9pm – I am transcribing diaries), I then have a shower or bath, and then lie on my back on my acupressure mat for about 2 hours. I lie naked (though you can wear a t-shirt if you think it is too ferocious). The acupressure mat is fantastic. Your whole back heats up and then you produce your own endorphins, sleep like the dead for the night and start the day at your best.

      1. dee savage

        You just lie still on the mat? No moving or wriggling around on it? What causes the back to heat up Is it just the pressure from being in contact with those things on the mat? Obviously I’ve never seen one, nor have I had accupressure. Thank you for sharing this. Stay well.

  4. dee

    Thanks, Frances. Sounds more like torture. Which hurts worse…lying on the mat for an hour, or your back after a day outside? I’m still looking for the turmeric capsules.

    1. Frances Post author

      It is not torture. It is actually very relaxing. I take mine when I go south. Even on the boat. Every night, without fail. I doubt I could sleep after without having used it first.

      1. dee savage

        I am definitely going to look into this. Perhaps you could explain what to look for in a mat. What makes one mmanufacturer or design of the mat better than another? Since you use one daily, I think your opinion would be helpful to those of us who have never used one. Since we’ve never used a mat, and you have, your opinion on what makes it so helpful and necessary to you, is important. I also want to research the difference between a Pain Pod, and a TENS unit. The more I learn, I think, the better able to choose wisely. Thanks Frances for all your input.

        1. Frances Post author

          I bought this type of mat –

          My one is this brand –

          I use the pillow bit (I had to buy mine extra – the link at the top has one included and better reviews) if I have a headache – very good for that and neck tension.

          I like the design and I like the effectiveness of mine – it is also now about 5 years old and still doing the job brilliantly. I think a cotton base is essential. I haven’t put mine in the wash (never thought to do that tbh).

          I use my mat to relax on before I go to sleep. If I don’t lie on it, I notice I find it much harder to get to sleep and often my back wakes me up at night to complain.

          I also have a tens machine and it works ok. The PainPod was a game-changer because of the belt and the many treatments the unit offers. The belt can be worn under your clothes all day. No one knows its there. It stays in place, it works all day. Pads are a pain. They are small, fall off, need tape to stay on and you have to find someone else to put them on each time (I can’t see my back) and put them in a “bridge” position. The belt can be positioned where you need treatment and off it goes. It also covers a good large area. The tens was more a thumping sensation. The PainPod (although it has Tens ability) has a lovely massaging mode which I use permanently. When I had my frozen shoulder I used a different treatment simultaneously.

          I hope that helps.

  5. Alison Barnes

    The Painpod is an EMS machine that incorporates TENs in some of its modes it’s far more than just TENs. My mum uses it for referred back pain into her stomach and my dad uses it to encourage circulation for his diabetes and the gloves to reduce arthritic inflammation in his hands they both swear by it.


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