Lungeing Kappi

Daisy thought she would try something different with Kappi today.

Using the whole school, Daisy first let Kappi walk around on each rein to warm up.

Next a gentle trot.

Time for the poles go down.  First just one, which Daisy lead Kappi over to show him what was required.

Again, Daisy removed his headcollar and Kappi was left to consider the pole and how to get over it.

It was very big so he jumped it!

On the other rein, Kappi managed a good working trot.

The pole was then made into a small jump.

Then a slightly bigger one.  Kappi was flying.

But on the other rein, Kappi learned to avoid the jump.  He swerved out at the very last minute (I hate that).

So the jump was turned into two trotting poles.

And everything went back to normal.

Kappi trotted over them perfectly.

I think he enjoys this kind of work.

Back around the other way and everything always looks different on the other rein.

And off Kappi went.  Again, beautifully.

So that was a good training session and something different for both Kappi and Daisy.  I just sat on a bucket in the middle with my camera and BeAnne at my feet.

Kappi and Daisy did all the hard work.

5 thoughts on “Lungeing Kappi

  1. Catherine

    I’m impressed with the length of stride for someone of his height, and super flexion front and back 🙂


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