Lost Sheep

I heard a miserable bleating this morning and went outside to find Madge wandering around on her own.  She hadn’t noticed the others finding new pasture so she came home to shout about it.

So I found the rest of our flock in another field.  They had obviously left Madge behind and she was very happy to be reunited with them all.

Once Lambie was home (they had been in another field)…..

…. he went took himself quickly off to bed.

Bed is really a grotty shed that refuses to fall down so I had it shored up to withstand the Shetland weather.

The sheep all love this grotty shed, despite me having a lovely new house built for them.

Obviously they ignore that.

In the shed are two haynets, renewed daily.

Always popular.

And always finished by morning.

When I took this photo, it was good to see that the Girlzens are allowed inside too.

I hate it when there is a lost sheep.  I have to make sure they are all reunited as soon as possible.

4 thoughts on “Lost Sheep

  1. Sam

    Sounds like Mean Boys to the Girls – happy Madge had you to make things right. And that all of them could share a shed abd haynet. Even if they prefer the Shabby Chic shed to the nicer one.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Bless your heart Frances, helping Madge out like that. Poor thing…feeling so lost. I’m glad they all get along better now than in the early days. You take good care of all your critters! Merry Christmas to you and everybody in and outside your house!


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