Little Bear

We have snow, possibly not huge by some’s standards, but good enough for us.

I took this photo two days ago and since then, we’ve had a bit more.

Last night saw a bit of covering.

After feeding every animal, at least twice, possibly more, we took BeAnne up the hill for a little potter.  She loves it when it snows.

And, like Monster, she can be pretty invisible too!

It was a truly beautiful day.  No wind, just snow and silence (ok, the odd bird).

Very special.

Her Maj was enthusiastic too.

Her ears were everywhere as was her fur (she has a frilléd around her face, like a mane which has grown to huge lengths this winter).

Her Maj motored along “looking for the bunny rabbitses”.


She was a joy to watch.

I love days like these. Shetland is perfect and life, despite the extra work, is good.



8 thoughts on “Little Bear

  1. Sam

    What great photos of BeAnne in action. And yes, there is something wonderful about a crisp snow covered day….getting 2″ of fluffy snow in Southern New England today. Will be a grey mushy mess tomorrow…

  2. Jayne

    The snow has definitely given Her Maj a spring in her step. Absolutely gorgeous set of images

    What is it with dogs and snow? My last darling girl claimed imminent danger of drowning and/or hypothermia if I dared suggest she went out in inclement weather, but put snow on the ground and she turned into a frenzied (and happy) lunatic.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Oooh what wonderful pictures of BeAnne bouncing, jumping, frolicking in the snow. She is almost invisible in a couple of your pics. and the pic of the sun shining thru the clouds is spectacular too.


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