Lilja’s Progress

Daisy has quietly been working hard with Lilja’s training.

Lilja is now happy to leave Sóley and go into the school.  Sóley raced up and down the fence once, got bored, and returned to the Old Men.

I haven’t seen much (ok, anything) of Lilja’s training but it is very obvious that she and Daisy are getting on very well.  To date, she has been bitted and lunged.

I like seeing them together. They “chat” a lot.

Today consisted of leading nicely in both directions and then Daisy stood on a bucket.

She patted her back.

Moved the bucket to the other side.

And did the same thing.  Lilja feigned interest.

Then Daisy decided to saddle Lilja up.

And off they went for a walk again.

This is my first time seeing Lilja wearing a saddle.  She looks completely non-plussed by it and she’s worn it a few times already.

More conversations.

I led Lilja too and then Daisy picked out her hooves.  All good.

Photos to update Lilja’s page on our website –

And then Lilja went back to her field.  I wanted to take more photos of her cantering down the hill to her friends but she refused to leave her best friend, Daisy.

So the others came up.

The Old Men even shifted enthusiastically!

So that’s Lilja’s progress. I am pleased with her.  She is doing very well.  I can see a huge change – Daisy has worked hard and done well.  Lilja is a nice horse and very like her dear old dad, Taktur.

5 thoughts on “Lilja’s Progress

  1. diane in northern wis

    What great pictures of Lilja and Daisy working out….love the pics and how Daisy talks to her and she looks like she’s understanding everything Daisy says! She is a beautiful horse. the pictures are all awesome. Thanks so much! So interesting!

  2. Irmgard

    If I had a million dollar horse (or any horse!), I would totally let Daisy train her/him. Your photos are fantastic; one can sense the good vibes and connection between trainer and trainee. Calm and trusting. Lovely and heart-warming to see!


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