Lerwick Lunchtime View

Tuesday morning was the flute lesson – a highlight in my calendar, and then on into town.  My life rarely changes.

Daisy and I did some of our messages first and then breaked for lunch, starving, to the chip shop and then on to find a nice view to look at while we sat in the van and ate.

Lerwick is full of great views.

It is a lovely old town (evidence of settlement first being seen 3000 years ago).

Lerwick, the town, really got going in the 17th century as a herring and white fish sea port.

In 1708, Lerwick became the capital of Shetland – taking over from Scalloway.

In the 19th century, Lerwick prospered hugely through sea trade and the fishing industry.

Anywho, Daisy and I sat in the van, full of pony and horse feed, eating our chips thoroughly enjoying the view.

By the way, Shetland has the best fish and chips.

These flags were on the pilot boat tug owned by Lerwick Harbour Authority.  The left (red and white one) is the “I have a pilot on board” flag (please tell me if I am wrong.  Seriously, I hate misinformation on the internet).

The left one – the blue and white one – is the flag of Shetland, designed in 1969 by Roy Grønneberg and Bill Adams and created to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the transfer of the islands from Norway by Denmark in the Kalmar Union to Scotland and the 500 years before as part of Norway (a bloody big mistake, if you ask me – I wish Shetland was still part of Scandinavia).

Anywho, I love sitting eating chips (and a vegetable spring roll that oddly tasted only of cabbage) watching the nautical world go by.

(I may have become a little obsessed with the recycled tyres that were being used as fenders.)

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    1. Frances Post author

      Mozart mostly. James Hook trios and baroque. I love my flutes. I have a Yamaha with wooden head joint and also a restored Rudall Carte. I love them both. Two very different flutes.


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