Keep on, Keepin’ On

Just because it is now spring doesn’t mean I have less to do.

The old ladies are still fed, watered with eyes cleaned and mouths washed out. I throw carrots at the furious (but slimmer) Minions.

I need to bring a brush along some time and give everyone a good going over.  I prefer the natural approach as it means their winter fur fall out when it are ready to go, which is plain English for they all look incredibly scruffy and need a proper brush!

And then I rode my horse.  Yesterday was a blip and today Dreki seemed better.  We are now just off the lead-rein, though Floss has to be in the arena for direction if required.

I love riding Dreki.  He feels “right”, if that makes sense – strong, happy and does his very best.

It is like having a black version of Haakon, but younger and much greener.  I backed and trained Haakon many years back so I remember the feeling.

Steering is coming, our brakes are good and every day we get a little bit better at this going around the school on the track listening to commands.  One day we might even break out of walk!  Who knows.

3 thoughts on “Keep on, Keepin’ On

  1. Sam

    Good to see you on a horse again. And Drekki looks wonderful! Me? I feel like the Minions, in need of a haircut.


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