It’s Not Easy

It’s not easy being me.  I am just trying to go through life taking photos of flowers (and other beasties) in the best way I can….

And then I have help.

Unhelpful help.

Very unhelpful help.

The orchids are everywhere in their full glory.  Blink and you will miss it.

And so is Iacs.  In his full glory.

Others sensibly keep away preferring the marsh marigolds. Orange and yellow – the perfect combination. Well done Klaengur.

Still, I will keep trying.  Despite the odds.

Me: Fer’ crying out loud, Pepper!
Pepper: What? What? What are looking at?

I shall call this piece a Study of a Dog’s Nose!

And does anyone know what this flower is?  I don’t think I have seen it before.

10 thoughts on “It’s Not Easy

  1. Sam

    Hard to take lovely flower pictures with critics in the field. And Pepper is trying to find out if her fur has the same texture as the dandelion. Lovely orchids.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Lovely pictures in spite of the helping noses! The blue flower looks a bit like a type of clary sage but I’ve never seen it in blue, usually variations of purple.

  3. Gabriella

    What a beautiful part of the world!! The blue flower (or purple) is common milkwort… this says Google when I took a picture of your image 🙂

  4. Cee Pluse

    The horses are quite handsome, and I love Pepper’s nosey nose! And could the blue flower be Common Milkwort (Polygala vulgaris)?


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