It wasn’t Murder

“These are my ponies, Storm and Silver – two rescue Shetland ponies.  They are little guys, Minions.


This is Efstur and Hjalti. They’re gorgeous. They are both two boys who know how to take care of themselves.


By the way, my name is Frances. I take care of all of them, which ain’t easy; ’cause when they met… it was murder!”

(I hope you said that in a good New Jersey accent!)


Well, actually, it wasn’t murder.


It was just a swift hello.  “Murder” consisted of Tiddles sniffing Efstur.


Then Efstur tried to play with Storm.

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Nothing much happened.


So, feeling bored, Efstur went and picked on Hjalti instead.


He had more success there.


Hjalti happily retaliated.


Ach, well, they all have each other now.


Perhaps “murder” will happen later when Storm and Tiddles are less busy.


(The film below is for those who have absolutely no idea what I am talking about – I will put away my New Jersey accent now!)

Less Hart to Hart and more Fart to Fart really!

2 thoughts on “It wasn’t Murder

  1. Sam

    Dem boyz from da hood needs to know that the Dudes from Jersey will be taking note of der actions.
    As along as no one swims with the fishes or eats my pizza, we are good. (Sorry, best a gal from Connecticut can do for Jersey)


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