Irrefutable Evidence

This is not the face (or double chin) of an Angel.

This is very probably evil.


Mean – definitely mean. Monster lies in wait to rugby tackle Her Maj on a regular basis.

Sadly, he is very good at his job.  He obviously practices with earth. I have no idea why, either.

And now I have irrefutable evidence that my car is not safe.  I would put money on that Monster has tampered with my brakes.  I have always said this and I now I have all the proof I need.

OH’s car remains, of course, untouched.  Well it would, wouldn’t it? He loves OH with what can only be described as rather creepy hero worship.

Her Maj would never meddle with my car – mostly because she is too *** cough *** rotund to get under it!

This is her “Who me?” face.

And Her Maj is my best girl.  I cut her claws today so she hates me now too.

Off to eat worms with Lambie.  Now he loves me (ok, tolerates)!



11 thoughts on “Irrefutable Evidence

  1. Suzanne Kelly

    Ah Frances, I love your posts, especially during lockdown when they really enchant and lighten the mood. All of your animals seem possessed of powerful personalities; I would never want to cross Monster’s path. Lambie is priceless, as they all are.

  2. Lucy MacArthur

    I am an evil Monster fan – sorry! Only if you are wrong about your car brakes though of course!

    Our own ‘Monster’ attacked me on the bed the other morning – seemingly for nothing as he had been purring at having a stroke only seconds beforehand but I probably looked at him the wrong way – I now keep my hands under the duvet rather than on top – even he cannot bite or sever limbs through that and the bedspread. Do you think Fankle (aka Joey) and Monster might be in communication on social media?

    It is hard to understand how her Maj could not fit under the car but Monster can ….? I am sure she would forgive you for the claw trim before she could figure out how to sever the brake pipes anyway.

    I am sure Lambie does truly love you but one way to find out for sure would be to withhold the biccies (but don’t tell him I suggested that in case I ever get up there – Black Sheep territory).

  3. Sam

    oh Monster! He reminds me of a cat my mom & step-dad had, BF. Now this cat was bottled fed by mom and myself but only had eyes for step-dad. If mom was late coming to bed, the cat would not let her in. If she scolded him, her laundry was out of the hamper and peed on. So yes, Monster is messing with your brakes and BeAnne – because she is yours. As for the pedicure, you will be forgiven soon enough. Me? I’d check the car and phone charger wire carefully….

  4. Elva

    Are you sure that Monster does not have knowledge of explosives? Might be worth doing a background check on him.

  5. Alita Shaver

    Hello, Frances. Are you aware that the email link you give for the HeartFelt Animals gives an error message? I have looked through some comments and will try an email you posted there. I would love a sheep if you are still making them. (Though the postage to the US might be too horrible these days?)

    I just subscribed to your wonderful blog. Alita

    1. Frances Post author

      Viking Energy is a project to turn a vast proportion of Shetland into a huge windfarm – to supply energy solely to the Scottish mainland, with little if any benefit to Shetland. This is not supported, despite the spin, by a large majority of the Shetland community. We were never consulted.


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