Introducing Hjalti

Let me introduce Hjalti to you.

Old Norse name and byname
Old Norse hjalti = ‘man from Hjaltland (= Shetland)’
Pronounciation – “h-yah-l-tih”

We all think this is the perfect name for the little dude and at last he has his name.  Phew.  I told you he would find it.


I haven’t seen Hjalti for a week as I don’t have a car (OH has sold the Land Rover and needs the little car to get to Lerwick for work).

Once a week I have a flute lesson so that is my car day (yay!).  I use the rest of the day trying to complete all my outstanding messages including visiting Hjalti and Hetja (means Hero by the way and is pronounced Het-tya) who are not living nearby.

Hjalti has changed so much in one week.


His foal fuzz is going and he turning the same colour as Hetja.


But he is still a little treasure and his silly frilly forelock is quite a statement!  Maybe that is the unknown influence of his Uncle Iacs – they can compare styling and hair problems later!

BN2A7524 BN2A7470

Hetja is doing very well in her motherhood.  She still won’t let Hjalti talk to his Shetland pony foal friend but he doesn’t mind, follows her everywhere and does everything she says.

BN2A7464BN2A7471 BN2A7468 BN2A7467

This time of transition (colour and growing) is one all foals go through.  Bits of him grow faster than other parts.  After a few years, everything will catch up and he will be in proportion.  At the moment he is still a gangly little boy trying to find out everything about the world, or at least his field, if his mother will let him.


5 thoughts on “Introducing Hjalti

  1. Linda

    Hello lilla Hjelti! What a perfect name – and I do hope he stays gangly just a little longer, it’s so sweet. And you just gotta love that crazy forelock!


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