Into the School

This afternoon, I put the four little boys into the school to see how well or badly they were now moving.

Waffle and Tiddles were fine.

And, yes, they did roll into each other – silly boys.  A huge sand school and they have to almost crash.

There was running around, bucking and playing from Waffle and Tiddles, but not really Albie and Storm.

I could see just how crippled with the laminitis they really are.

So, after 30 minutes, while I did some serious mucking out of the stables, I put them all back in.  Waffle and Tiddles in the larger stall while Albie and Storm have the smaller stall with all the soft bedding.  I shall put Storm back on painkillers too.  I had thought he was moving better than he actually is.  My mistake.  Separating them will also stop Albie being tormented by Tiddles (who was furious at my decision and started eating the gate!)


2 thoughts on “Into the School

  1. Sam

    Tiddles needs a time out for this temper tantrum. Sorry Albie and Storm are in pain. Hoping things turn around soon.


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