In Haste

This is a bit in haste as I’m going out this evening to see a film in Lerwick, with a curry afterwards – a huge treat.

So, I fed the duckies early and gave the sheep something as well to shut them up.

Wherever I go with a bucket of food, I have followers.

I’m not going to point the finger but Maggie (plus Edna and Harrel) are my worst stalkers.

It is cold, so they are using their shed a lot at the moment.

Along with the chickens, who lay in various secret corners.

On my way back to the house, of course, I had my usual disciples who marched straight inside demanding money (food) with menaces.

Treats were given and they were told to go away and get jobs!

And this is the final design for the sticky label to go underneath the felted sheep.  I like it and hopefully it will be readable for those that buy a sheep.  Thank you to everyone for their input.

4 thoughts on “In Haste

  1. Suzanne Kelly

    Great to see your ship and great to see that logo I still have my wonderful felted sheep and my little crows and I adore them

  2. Robin E Schwartz

    Just wanted to speak up and say how much I enjoy all of your updates. Your animals are all such characters! Thank you.

  3. Judith

    It was nice of the sheep to offer to come and babysit the dogs – what characters! Enjoy your evening out. It sounds lovely.


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