Ice Road Muckers!

Apparently the Inuit people have many words for snow (its complicated).

This morning we woke up to “Haice” or “Shicail” – basically hailstones now frozen into sheet ice.


Our track to the croft from the road is lethal.  We are going nowhere and I don’t encourage anyone to visit.  It is scary in places.


But chores have to be done no matter what.  I put on my beloved Yaktraks (my annual huge thank you to Jo) and off Daisy and I trudged.  Luckily the water has not frozen so that was one thing we didn’t have to lug.


With our faithful hound, BeAnne, who is feeling rather depressed due to a Christmas dust-up with Loki, we set out with wheelbarrow, tools and hard feed.


Daisy kindly did the heavy stuff, ie mucking out of The Minion shed, while I distributed hard food and hay.

BN2A6379 BN2A6381 BN2A6383 BN2A6386

To be fair, the big boys don’t need much.  There is still grass in their field and they are well insulated.


Daisy and I had wanted to go out for a ride, with me riding Iacs, but as he can trip up in walk blowing his nose, we decided not to go.  Taktur managed to skid on the ice when he was walking to his food.

This confirmed we had made the right choice as it was pretty hairy out there for everyone so we made the family decision to test, purely for science purposes, our traditional Yule Log!

L1130851 L1130856

Well, someone has to.


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