Iacs Loves a Neep

If there is one thing I know – it is that Iacs, aka Mr Bimble, loves a neep so this morning I gave him half a neep for a present.

His little face lit up. He was very happy.

I thought by putting it in an empty silage box, he could get at it better.

Klængur approached to see what Iacs had got and to ask why hadn’t he been given his own neep.

To be fair, Klængur had all the root veg peelings to himself in a silage box, which he chose to ignore.  I had to gather them up later and distribute them fairly.

But Iacs is kind.  He let Klængur have the bits that dropped off his neep.

And Iacs took his neep outwith the box.

His method of eating his neep is to scrape his teeth along the top flat surface.

I hate them eating out of the mud but it was Mr Bimble’s choice.

And then Kappi turned up so the others ate up very quickly because Kappi would’ve had the lot – luckily for all he was the wrong side of the fence.

A neep is not a turnip. It is a swede.  A swede is a rotabagga or rutabaga.  So, now you know and Iacs loves them!

Sometimes if they are cheap in the supermarket, I buy a few to give to Iacs.  It is nice to see him smile.

4 thoughts on “Iacs Loves a Neep

  1. Sam

    Funny how each critter has their own “coin of the realm” to enjoy. Miss Maine Coon loves her dry food while Mister Maine Coon loves all things dairy related.

  2. Carina

    What a coinscidence. So am I! A Swede that is. Im sure we would Really hit it off <3
    We call them kålrot which translated would be cabbageroot. A turnip is a rova in swedish. Do You know Why they are called swedes?


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