I Nearly Gave In

Ye Olde Sheep stuffing her Face!  Edna comes to the front door every morning and shouts until someone comes out to feed her the 3rd breakfast!  We are very well trained. That’s all I am saying.

Meanwhile, if you can see the black dot in the distance, well that is Vitamin waiting for her daily bucket.

The rest of the herd know not to bother Vitamin.

Vitamin stands miles away happily munching.

Yes, we have mud. No, we are not having Summer and no, Vitamin doesn’t mind. She gets her food. That’s all she wants.

Afterwards, Vitamin realised that I hadn’t bothered to catch her (I missed my opportunity), so she happily walked back to the herd thinking I had forgotten.

I deliberated and watched Vitamin thinking “shall I go and rinse her mouth out or shall I leave her” but then I saw her do that yawny thing with her mouth and my mind was made up. I went back, caught her and rinsed out her mouth.  She wasn’t that happy with me and I had to lie through my teeth with a rustly old carrot bag to catch her, but there was something in me that just could’t walk away knowing she was finding it difficult to eat.

Once caught, Vitamin accepted her fate graciously and I quickly rinsed her mouth out with fresh clean water.  She knows the drill and we both wish we didn’t have to do it but hey ho. It must be done daily.

I am pleased with the weight Vitamin is, for an old lady of 28 who had a tough winter.

I just want her to be happy and comfortable. That’s all.

4 thoughts on “I Nearly Gave In

  1. Sam

    Edna and Little Miss Maine Coon MUST be talking! I too am badgered for 3rd breakfast.
    Vitamin looks good for a mature lady.

  2. Jayne

    As a non-horse person (by which I mean have never owned, not that I don’t like) please can you explain one day the what and why of having to rinse her mouth?

    Just always interested in animal care. thanks.

    1. Frances Post author

      Older horses lose teeth which can create holes for food to jam into. Also food gets caught in their check “pouches” and causes discomfort. So I have a large sort of syringe thing for flushing clean water around which removes build up of food.

  3. diane in northern wis

    You have such a good heart, Frances. I love how you take such good care of all your critters!


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