Horses on demand

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m rather fond of Iceland, and, yes, the horses, the lack of which in my post some of you noted. So here is a selection of Icelandic horses from my various jaunts up north…

First up, from a tour of the Icelandic ring road in 2007, these chaps/ladies were ignoring the snow and the cold and just being generally waaay too cool.

_MG_0057 _MG_0060
I returned a few years later with my family, and headed to the Western Fjords in the extreme north west of Iceland. At Hrutafjörður, where the road to the Western Fjords leaves the main ring road, these guys needed a bit of persuading that we were friendly…

_MG_1624…but I eventually got their confidence and one even posed like a supermodel.

The leader of the herd, with whom I’d had a chat to arrange the shoot beforehand, kept a close eye on me throughout…


On a visit in February last year, something in the snow brought the poser out in the locals…


Who weren’t even bothered by a bit of rain


Of course the horses share Iceland with their feathered friends, the puffins, who are just as good at posing.


I mean, yeah, you can catch sand-eels in your beak, but can you tölt?


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