Hoof Sagas

Yesterday, when we brought Haakon and Iacs in to try on hoofboots kindly brought by a friend, I saw the true state of Haakon’s front hooves and had a total panic.

OMG!  I had not realised that they had deteriorated quite so badly.  I felt very ashamed and instantly started imagining the hoof capsule coming off and having to put my dear old friend to sleep.  No horse can withstand that kind of hoof damage.

The abscesses from February/March have left huge scars and, although they are growing out, I was worried that Haakon’s feet were now not well balanced with any wrong pressure causing more harm.

Both fronts

So I put out an emergency call out for a farrier and luckily found there was one on the island – we have to import our farriers.  Best of all he was in our area the next day and could visit.

Today, I have been here, there and everywhere.

We started early, Floss and I by going to catch Storm and Vitamin to bring them home.  I had cheekily added them to the list but then felt guilty and owned up first.

The Shetland ponies have spent the day in the back old vegetable garden alternating between shouting at Hetja, Lilja and Sóley as well as staring at me creepily while I sit at my desk.

The farrier visited and did his work, sorting out everyone’s feet on his list.  I was most impressed and he was optimistic that we could, in perhaps a year’s time, shoe Haakon again and I could ride him once more.  My dream.  He said the hoof above the abscess was healthy, growing well and showed me how to rasp off the nasty bits as they grow downwards.  I am very relieved.

A busy day, but definitely worthwhile.

4 thoughts on “Hoof Sagas

  1. Sam

    Very scary pictures for sure. Glad to know the farrier thinks Haakon can be shod in the future. And yes, rather creepy those neighbors peeking in the shed window.

  2. Vicki

    Would nail-grow type supplements help support Haakon’s hooves? I know this question might be silly, but I am worried too, although am definitely encouraged by what the farrier says.

  3. diane in northern wis

    So very glad you got some good news from your farrier! Whew. And now you have learned how to do something else too. So glad your sweet horse friends have you to watch over them!


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