Healing Vibes for Hjalti

I had a message first thing this morning that Hjalti was lame with a swollen back leg.

He had been stabled with his mother, Hetja, who was becoming increasingly stressed.  She hates being stabled.


The Gods were smiling and the vet was with us 30 minutes later.

In the meantime, I put a headcollar and rope on Hjalti, tied up Hetja with a bucket of food and the vet examined an exceedingly uncooperative colt.


He found an obvious puncture wound (closed and old) and an abscess brewing in Hjalti’s hind fetlock joint and pastern – a dodgy place to have an abscess.


Hjalti’s leg was shaved and he started a course of intramuscular antibiotic injections.

Treatment – he needs daily foot soaks with hot poulticing and kept clean.


So I made the decision to bring him home.


They both loaded well and travelled back to mine with Hetja’s head stuck out of the trailer.

We soaked Hjalti’s foot. After an initial struggle, he stood nicely with his foot in a bucket for a good time.  Next, I hot-poulticed his foot and he will stay inside for tonight with his mum.


I returned to their stable an hour later to find the poultice kicked off.  I shan’t interfere with him again tonight but will have another go tomorrow.


I gave them both a big bucket of food and a pile of hay and left them munching.  Hjalti was yawning.


Hetja quickly settled here.  She is not sweating now, shouting or minding being kept in.  It was a big day for her too.  They are tired.


Healing vibes for Hjalti and one very large gin and tonic for me, please!

13 thoughts on “Healing Vibes for Hjalti

  1. Terri

    Oh no, poor baby! Healing vibes, warm wishes, good thoughts, & a lil’ prayer being sent your way for a speedy recovery for this very special colt. Glad he and mum settled down for the night. Hope you got some zzzzzzzs too.

  2. Linda K

    Poor wee man. Healing thoughts sent your way. With your special brand of TLC, I’m sure he’ll be on the mend very soon.

  3. Vivienne

    Hope Hjalti makes a speedy recovery. Just to let you know that if you were in Lerwick, Tesco has a v good discount on their apples…..69 pence a bag. I have stocked up for my lot!


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