He Needs His Muzzah!

Once in a blue moon, a certain person gets to come indoors.

He is loved very, very much.

Caddy (orphan) lambs soon stop being cute and then turn into a “muckle” (big) sheep.

And I really don’t care.  Honestly, I don’t.

I love Lambie for being Lambie.

A little known fact – Lambie loves classical music.

He was brought up listening to the music I love the most.

Obviously, Lambie’s favourite music is Sheep May Safely Graze by JS Baaaaa(ch).

That is a given.

Every so often, Lambie wants to spend time with me.  His Muzzah.

‘Ster and ‘Bert are all very well but they ask for more of my time and attention.  Lambie never does that.

Lambie is generous – he always takes the back seat.

And I see that.

So this is why I know I must give Lambie his own time with me.

I will always be Lambie’s Muzzah.  Forever.  We are imprinted on each other.  It is not a one-way street.

Lambie is not outside.  He is indoors being a sheep-(dog!)

(I may have had gin!)

16 thoughts on “He Needs His Muzzah!

  1. Sam

    I really don’t see why a Certain Person is not allowed in more often. His manners are delightful, he enjoys good music and a cuddle. How many boys do you know that WANT to spend time with Muzzah?

    1. Frances Post author

      and, for the record, he is house-trained too. How many sheeps do you know are house-trained? I bet you can count them on one hand, if that!

  2. Linda

    Your little boy is so sweet and kind (letting the others get all the attention); but he knows there will be one-on-one time with his Muzzah who understands to perfectly. That’s one secure sheep!
    Seriously, I can’t begin to imagine the close relationship you have with Lambie – you saved his life! You were there when he was SO tiny and helpless, helped him with his first steps, AND brought him some friends when you knew he was ready for them. I envy you this speshul closeness to Lambie!

  3. Becca

    OMG I want…no I NEEEEEED a housesheep. Maybe smuggle sheep into bedroom and pretend he stuffed toy when OH queries other strange furry in bed….

  4. Margaret Robinson

    This is just one of the sweetest posts! I forwarded it to a BFF and my husband. Such is life on Shetlands. It’s now raining here (very heavy rains which always seems to happen to end the drought), so we can share a bit of the kindred feeling about weather with you all there.

    Enjoy this special time with all your “children”. MMR

    1. Frances Post author

      OMG! You are, of course, completely right.
      I cannot live with this faux pas – off to edit!

      Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I should’ve known better! And J S Baaaa-ch!


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