Having a Rest

I may have been over doing things a little bit these past few days.  We have been making a field sheep-proof by building walls out of the surrounding rumbled dry stone dykes, which is hard work.  Floss and I also did a Redd Up (cleaning up the litter on the side of the roads) yesterday which left my back screaming for mercy.

Last night, I gave in and took painkillers realising that I may have done too much.  This morning I could not wake up or move, so Floss and OH kindly did all my chores while I snoozed.  Floss even brought me tea and toast in bed – a wonderful luxury.

Sunday is meant to be a day of rest so I took this seriously and we went Minion hugging.


After lunch, I wanted to see the newly arrived wild primroses that grow on either side of our burn (stream) that runs through all the fields at home.

Floss and I sat out of the wind in the warm(ish) sunshine while BeAnne had fun paddling.


It really was a stunningly beautiful afternoon.

I am feelinga bit more rested now.  Minion hugging is possibly the best therapy.

6 thoughts on “Having a Rest

  1. Sven

    Nice blog Frances, some great shots this week, looking in.
    Watch that back. I had similar myself this week, can be painful!

  2. diane in northern wis

    Thanks for the relaxing looking, lovely pictures today. yes, I’d say you’ve been overdoing it a bit, Frances. Your back seems to act up very often. Hope you can get it rested up well, although you seem to like to be up and doing things all the time, and taking care of your large tribe of critters, which you do such a good job of. Thank goodness you have helpers around when your pain gets you down. Love those kissy minions at your place. All the pictures were great!

  3. Sam

    Take is easy! That back is fragile. And we NEED pictures of your horses, Sheeple, BeAnne, Mons and MINIONS! Love all the hair on Flossie’s hat.

  4. John Davies

    I have been out cleaning up roadsides and such numerous times now. I hope that all of the trash the scouts and I cleaned up out of the cemetary had blown in; I can’t imagine anyone I know going to the cemetary to dispose of trash! Some people!


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