Grass and Introductions

Another glorious day so I thought I would get the bebbies used to being moved into fields that needed eating. Their field is not full of grass but it does have their shed in it.


My OH has never let me put any of the equines in the garden – some miserable excuse about ruining all his hard work. I don’t know, I don’t listen.  But today, he gave in and allowed the bebbies into the old abandoned veg garden.  It needed eating down and I have three very willing helpers.


I led Torbjorn and the other two dutifully followed.  In another field across the hill, we were being watched.


The bebbies loved their new little patch of grass and and spent the day stuffing themselves or lying down in the sun.

L1070583 L1070591

The Icelandics were fascinated by these new arrivals so I took Haakon, the herd leader, over to introduce himself.


Everyone was interested and polite.


Taktur is the one who is most interested.  Since their arrival yesterday, he has been very keen to make their acquaintance.  After his exercise, Daisy took him over and made the introductions.

L1070605 L1070611

Last year, Taktur lived with our colt foals so he does know about bebbies but we won’t let them meet properly until the bebbies have been gelded.


Today was a day of new experiences for everyone and it seemed to go relatively smoothly.

L1070672 L1070656 L1070670

They returned to their park this evening where the shelter is and everyone followed nicely.  Roll on spring.


1 thought on “Grass and Introductions

  1. lesley cafferky

    Good one Frances. my they are fairly coming on . That little white ball of fluff reminds me of a powder puff !!!! I would say they are very lucky babbies to have met you xx


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