Gin and Quavers

I have fallen in the mud every day this week.  I have run out of trousers and almost went to town to do my messages in my Minion pyjama bottoms! (luckily found a pair of jeans that if I wear thermal leggings underneath do not show the “wear and tear” or as Madonna calls it, fashion).

Anywho, I went off to town to get horse food and some essentials (ok, gin and Quavers) leaving everyone fast asleep in the winter sun.

Brá is wearing a rainsheet because her coat is falling out in handfuls.  I tried a medium-weight turnout rug but found she was very hot underneath (apparently not good for a horse).  Our Brá is made of tough stuff and I am glad she is more integrated with the herd.  She is in her routine of two feeds a day and is easy  to work with.  Hjalti had the day off today to think about his training.  I don’t want to overload his pea-like brain.


Bimble (aka Iacs) is doing well on his Danilon-a-day régime.  I am hoping for a 100% recovery but only time will tell.


Despite being freezing cold, the plants in the garden think it could possibly be Spring.


The snow at the door this morning was depressing to see.  I hadn’t expected that.  The dogs were horrified and Wu went into a decline.


Right, well that gin is calling and I am sure Quavers have most of the food groups included.

6 thoughts on “Gin and Quavers

  1. Deb Twomey

    The Gin, I know, but what are Quavers? Someting horribly fattening,I hope!
    Wish my OH would take off for a few days!!

  2. Sam

    Quavers sound like the USA’s Cheetos. New England is looking at -24F wind chills on Sunday. I’ll curl up with the Maine Coons and bread pudding for the day.


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