Flolloping Lambie

It was a lovely New Year’s Day morning so Floss and I spent it outside with Lambie and Lambster (and BeAnne).


They make a lovely flock-pack (should I incorporate a sheep and dog group to be politically correct?) and you can see just where the woolly ones are heading – straight out into the scattald (open hill) to escape for the billionth time.  Stupidly, I still have this optimistic dream that my sheep will be happy enough eating the grass around the house. Apparently not.


But they did not know about OH’s new gate defence.  This morning it was tried and tested (a plank of wood to make the side of the gate smaller).


Lambie was incandescent with rage.  He was relying on this little-known escape route (pahahaha) and spent a good five minutes trying his hardest to butt it open.


Luckily, even he knows he is too fat for the other exit route.


Poor Lambie.  So, to make up for it, we spent the morning feeding him carrots and taking beautiful portraits of him (note the luxurious eyes).


He is very splendid, as is Lambster, who has grown, I think.


Haakon and Iacs, were loafing around hopefully, and watched on with their usual nothing-ever-surprises-us faces.

BN2A9940 BN2A9941

Lambie did lots of running too. I was trying to photograph his silly-billy head shake that he does when he is very happy or plotting an escape.  He does not have the same grace as Lambster, who can do amazing cartoon bounces.

Lambie moves more like a flolloping mattress.   If a mattress was going to run, it would run like Lambie – read Douglas Adams’ Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.  Anyway, Lambie is my very definition of flolloping.

I love his face in this picture – he is trying to be more aero-dynamic!


How can I be so soppy about a sheep?

2 thoughts on “Flolloping Lambie

  1. Linda

    Oh, how could you NOT be so soppy about a sheep – especially Lambie and your history with him (ahem…saving his life).
    And I find it difficult to think of him as being “incandescent with rage” but you know your Lambie a lot better than I do… 😉


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