Fed Up

My MRI scan report:

MRI Pelvis
There is no evidence of pelvic tumour or other acute abnormality.  The inner myometrium is a little thickened, which can be seen with adenomyosis, though this is a non-specific sign.  The uterus, ovaries, bladder and urethra all appear normal.
So that is very good – big phew!
MRI Lumbar Spine

There is a prominent disc protrusion/extrusion posteriorly on the left side at L4-5, extending into the dural recess at that level, with compression of the transiting left L5 nerve route demonstrated. This has progressed compared with the scan dated 19.2.13.

The spinal canal appears generally stenotic between L3 and L5, and there is significant degenerative narrowing of the existing foramina at on the the left side at L3-4, L4-5 and on both sides at L5-S1.
Further moderate degenerative disc disease seen at T5-6 though there is no evidence of any neural compression here.”MRI Scan 22.5.14———————————

So that is rather bad, I think though I have had no feedback from my Spinal Surgeon. . I am not sure what to think or what they will do, if anything and yes, I am in pain and I knew my spine was deteriorating.
Anywho, today I wrenched my back in a stupid spook (that does not help things at all) and I sprained my left ankle (yup, the one that has been mended – now owie) when I went to look for The Minions and took Loki for a walk.
I am not a happy bunny so here are some artsy-fartsy photos that I took t’other day.  They are only artsy-fartsy to be honest because they suited black and white.
I am just too fed up today to make much of an effort.
BN2A1820 BN2A1787 BN2A1776
BN2A1740  BN2A1736 BN2A1722 BN2A1703
This is not going to stop me riding, by the way.  Just so you know.

4 thoughts on “Fed Up

  1. Rhonda Lane

    Aw, shoot. Well, at least the lady stuff is okay. Here’s a hug of the virtual variety. {{{hug}}} That kind doesn’t hurt or throw anyone off balance physically. Prayers and good wishes, coming your way.

  2. holly

    Your last sentence… BEST EVER.

    Sorry you’re going through this. Similar things have/are happening with me, so I feel ya sister.

    Age is dreary, really.

  3. Linda

    Been thru some stuff with my lower back, and there just doesn’t seem to be any way to AVOID nerve endings adjacent to the spine. It sucks!
    My sympathy for your back woes, and please try some ice…20 minutes on/20 minutes off. It really, really helped with my disc “protrusion/extrusion”.

  4. Sam

    Sorry to hear the back and ankle are buggin you. Glad to know you will still be riding! And the pictures are lovely.


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