Fat Cat

A lovely person (you know who you are) sent biccies for the Boyzen and Girlzen Sheep.  Thank you and wow!  An answer to my prayers.  You’ve made a difference.

But the box is great too………. according to Monster.

He quickly made it his own – ok, I left it out for him because it was Monster shaped.

And yes, I had a go at closing it to see if I could post him back to my friend (I so wish).

Of course, Monster was less than impressed with that.

And being the Monster he is, he took it out on BeAnne, which is not nice, never encouraged and could result in a 1st class stamp on his butt if he doesn’t look out!

What is it with cats and boxes?

The box comes with a chin rest for Monster to survey the world for working out how to rule it!

I have a horrible idea that we are all doomed.

Doomed, I tell ye, and Monster knows where we live!

7 thoughts on “Fat Cat

  1. carol

    I had a cat named muffy…she looked just like your monster…it must go with them for the attitude..
    she scared off cats, dogs & dislike people….lived to be 19.5,,,,,,I am well trained….good to know
    you share what I went thru with her…she ruled!!!! love you site & wait for it daily….thank you…

  2. Sam

    A box is the best Cat Cave to have. A secure space to lounge and yet peruse the enemies about (real or otherwise). And at times the box is a great source of amusement when used as a teething ring. The shrieks of horror from humans when tiny bits of cardboard are strewn about the rug is highly amusing. Plus it makes a great sneak attack fort to render murder mittens on dogs and ankles. Or so I am told by Little Miss Maine Coon. Plus one does feel rather powerful in a box.
    Oh and this box of cat is considered “dangerous and harmful” by the postal service. I asked.

  3. diane in northern wis

    How nice of your friend to send those biccies and that wonderful box for a certain monster. I love that he found the chin rest too!!! 🙂 Yes, I can see he has designs to take over your house as well as the world. Reminds me of many of the politicians out there these days! I wish life was as simple as just sitting in a box and resting our chins!


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