Fairy Tale Fivla

About once a year, I take a really good photo.  So here it is.  Fivla at her most beautiful.  She is truly a fairy-tale pony.

Fivla of Finnister © Frances Taylor 2022

19 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Fivla

  1. Robin E Schwartz

    I would disagree with the “once a year” very good photos, but this one is absolutely MAGNIFICIENT. I almost expect to see one central horn on her forehead, Harry Potter’s Patronus style!

  2. Mary Colleen McNamara

    That pic belongs in a frame also maybe on the front page of a horse magazine. I am not sure of a center fold (she is too classy for that). Great photographer too 😉
    How old is Fivla?

  3. Nicki

    I have to agree, she’s absolutely stunning. Lovely Fivla aging like a fine wine. You’ve captured her soul there.


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