Fair Isle Sweaters and Rain

Rain is forecast.  Not a huge amount and then ten minutes later, its a huge amount – it just depends where I get my weather forecast from. I have 3 apps on my phone and they all say something different.

But I do know I need to put the rugs on.


(and I love Tiddles’ face in this pic).

And this got me to remembering, as I climbed back up the hill, when the old ladies were younger ladies and they wore their Fair Isle sweaters for Visit Scotland’s advertising campaign in 2013.

That was a long time ago though in my head the old ladies look exactly the same and haven’t aged one bit.




8 thoughts on “Fair Isle Sweaters and Rain

  1. Celeste

    That’s how I first found you, through the ponies in sweaters. It’s one of the coolest things ever! Sure was a long time ago, I’ve been following your blog ever since and am so glad I’ve been able to visit you too.

  2. Sharon

    Me too! That photo of the ladies in their sweaters made me smile and wish I could visit Shetland and them. They are both still lovely and I still wish I could visit and meet them and you, and all the others too, of course.

  3. HeatherE

    It’s been that long?! I’d already been reading your blog long enough that I recognized ‘the ladies’ on a knitting blog! Everybody looks good in their fancy clothes whether it’s rainsheets or sweaters.


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