Daisy is doing a “school project” involving horses and ponies.


Ever happy to oblige, as that is what we seem to have an abundance of, I co-operated.


First to be introduced to the field of Icelandic horses was Andy, our belligerent Shetland pony gelding.


Most of the herd had met him already except for Kappi and Klængur.


The meet and greet went fine and Haakon quickly insisted on a nice game.


Then it was Hammy Hamsta´s turn.  Hammy is a Welsh Section A (no, not a miniature Suffolk Punch).


Hammy had never met Kappi and Klængur but is considered by the rest of the herd to be a midge-like pest.


He is ever annoying and reminded of his place, mostly by Haakon. The Shetland ponies tolerate him more than the Icelandics.

BN2A8085  BN2A8113

Last up was Charlie.  He was in a splendid mood and had a few carthorse moments as well as his usual mad face.

BN2A8117 BN2A8130

Again, Haakon initiated a good game of trying to see if the white bits tasted any different to the black bits.


This field, although ideal for horse/pony watching, is a bit small for 7 horses.  I like them to have space too if there are any disagreements.  So we opened the gate and let them into the big field.


And off they went.

BN2A8200 BN2A8203

I made the decision not to let The Minions in to join the throng.  My jury is still out on that one at the moment.


4 thoughts on “Experimentations

  1. Karen

    You really do capture some wonderful expressions in your photography and what a wonderful sight to see them all as a large herd…hope it works out. Really miss Shetland and planning next years visit, and living off memories of meeting your horses and you and Daisy, plus of course Be-Anne, Jack and Loki 😀

  2. Linda K

    That Charlie’s a card – does he mug for the camera?

    Hammy needs backup in the form of another one of his own.

  3. Deb Twomey

    Oh Frances….I am trying to figure out sizes from your wonderful photos. What I need, to calm my curiosity is a line up from smallest minion to largest Icelandic. In your spare time, of course!! It would be most appreciated and make the best of Christmas cards!

  4. Sam

    I agree with Deb on a little horse/pony identification. I do so love Charlie’s mug! And leaving the Minions out would seem a wise choice…for now


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