For the first time this morning, Haakon barged out of his stable to eat his breakfast.  Usually he either stands or lies there while we work around him.

I think, having spent the night with these two, albeit in separate stables, he had had enough.

These two, aka Silver and Waffle, had successfully trashed their stable – two water buckets flung around and trampled on.  They then looked around to see what else they could get and chewed on some boxes kept in storage.  No one in the whole history of the stable has ever done this.  Little fiends.

I had a quick feel of Haakon’s hooves and they were all cool for the first time since we started on this journey. Even so, Haakon had his usual daily hoof soak, because we are by no means out of the woods, and he ate the last of his breakfast.

So we evicted Silver and Waffle as Waffle had showne absolutely no signs of illness the minute he came home.  I know, I know I said I would keep him for a few days but I honestly don’t think Haakon, or my stable, could take much more.

Storm was thrilled to see his old sparring partners back and was the first to come cantering up.

Even Lilja was pleased to see her “stallion” home.  Waffle lies through his teeth on that score but Lilja is too young and believes his every word and chat-up line.

Meanwhile, back at home, Haakon let out an audible huge sigh of relief as Iacs was brought in to keep him company.

He then went back to his bossy ways by demanding first dibs of everything.

4 thoughts on “Evicted

  1. Sam

    Boys! Can’t play well together, can’t keep their room nice…and yet those winning smiles….
    Happy to hear Haakon seems on the mend once the interlopers left.

  2. Highmac

    Silver and Waffle behind bars… if you squint slightly, the nostrils, nose and mouth could almost be Bugs Bunny….

    Glad to hear peace has been restored. You have enough on your plate at present 🙂

  3. Margaret Robinson

    The others are best outside and Haakon seems to be on the mend. Nice to see his personality returning with the help of his friend Iacs.

  4. Louise Stopford

    So glad that Haakon is on the mend and Waffle appears to be asbolutely fine – thank goodness. Must be such a relief for you and a credit to your equine nursing skills. Who wouldn’t want a ‘mummy’ like you to care for them. Good news all round – long may it continue.


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