Everyone Ok

I shall probably rue the day I say this – but everyone is going along well.

Monster is fine, happy and helpful, in his own unique way.  Yesterday, we made kimchi together – totally a first-time experiment.  I am hopeful yet slightly nervous.

And Pepper says she is leaving the baby bunnies alone.

The Ancients are not looking bad for a winter without rugs and lots of food instead.

Neither too fat nor too thin.

I worry about them a lot.

My what-ifs are huge, always, especially when the weather is bad.  I lie awake at night thinking there will be corpses everywhere in the morning.

So far, touch wood, there haven’t been.

But this is what happens when you have 5 horses/ponies all around 28 (Iacs and Fivla), 29 (Kolka) and 30 (Haakon and Vitamin).  I hope they know I worry.

Lambie and his friends are all fine.  They’ve got me well-trained and I am totally in their routine.

So all is good but you never know.  It doesn’t take much for things to go horribly wrong despite my best efforts.


6 thoughts on “Everyone Ok

  1. Sam

    Enjoy the good health everyone has today. As my gran said “don’t go borrowing troubles you don’t have yet. They’ll come soon enough”.

  2. Kris

    As a certified worrier I have to remind myself that time spent worrying is time lost. Subconsciously, I think we believe that if we worry enough we will somehow prevent those evils from happening. Not logical, but maybe… who knows?

  3. NancyMac

    ALL of your four legged and two legged furry/feathered family members are sooo lucky to be so loved by you! Animals know. They really do.

    I have a customer who continues to tell me he doesn’t really come to see me and get his hair cut, he ONLY comes to see my dog. And Riley knows he’s coming because he either sees him drive up or I tell him… your buddy is coming and he jumps about barking/whimpering/whining until he gets a long pet and cuddle. And the same happens on the way out. It’s really adorable on all counts.


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