Electric Pole

You can ask a Minion…..

But you can’t tell a Minion.

Their world just doesn’t work like that.

And, for the most part, they are all good little chaps.

That would be all except Storm…..

He was on a mission.

Today, I rasped Vitamin and Fivla’s all four hooves plus Silver’s hinds, spent a little time chatting to anyone who wanted and then it started to spit so I decided to pack up and call it a day.  There is no fun to be had sitting in the rain.  Bloomin’ cold.  I made clicking noises to whoosh everyone away from the fences and told them to “go and get a job”.

Some ponies won’t be told.

Believe me, I shouted at him!

(He’s fine, by the way)

Meanwhile in Diary Land, your last efforts were truly wonderful and inspirational.  That word was most definitely “put” and I think there is a Tennisonian Society in 1894 – Edward was at Cambridge University.

So, now Kate et al are in Brussels staying with Uncle Pierre (Generale de Baermaeker).  Please can you tell me what the bit after “my hat” says.

And the three words in French (I think) – in quotes.

And, lastly, the sentnece that begins “Dinner 6-30,…..” because the word beginning with a capital B is not one I know.   

Many thanks.

I am thinking what to do with this epic.  Does anyone use or know about Patreon?  I wondered whether this would be a good way for folk to read the diaries.  Sort of like publishing it as a book but not going down that route yet. I am not sure.  This is not my world.

16 thoughts on “Electric Pole

  1. carol

    my hat which was by elastic in the back

    The last one is hard because we can’t see the whole sentence, but it could be…. Be and then a word instead of Because.

    good luck

  2. Sam

    Some boys can only learn things the hard way. As for the words “which was by elastic at the back”
    “Tife & Tenire” “Then talked in Beaurents”? Could also be Fife and Fenire.


    “It jerk-ed my hat, which was by elastic at the back” would be my guess — as in, held on by elastic.

    The three possibly French words — might they be Latin? Is she riding a horse here (Muscotte?) and asking if she might gallop and Uncle Pierre attaching a rope for some reason? Or am I completely out to lunch on this one?

    Beaur-something? Not a clue about what that might have to do with being shown the medals.

  4. Dot

    After “my hat” “which was by elastic at the back”.

    There is a word missing, ‘held’. When I was a child my mother sewed a loop of elastic to my sun hat (stitched inside the dome part, above each ear) that instead of going under the chin was designed to go at the back, under my hair, to help hold it on.

  5. Judith Garbutt

    Could it be ‘long elastic’? Legion of Honour is a medal related to D Day. I liked that she asked if she could gallop and it sounds as if she was then put on the lunge but I can’t make out the words in quotes. It’s fascinating. I’m sure a publisher would love it!

  6. Anne (aka Selside on NR)

    my hat, “which was by elastic at the back” ??

    Dinner 6.30 – then talked in Beau….? + Uncle Pierre showed us his medals, etc. Such a lot Legion of Honour, French etc. The Alus went up to bed in mother’s room adn we all went……

    or something like that!

  7. Kris

    Could she have messed up spelling the word “Bureau”? While initially referring to a desk, at some point around 1720 it also started being used to mean a room full of desks, or an office. She might have been referring to that particular room in the house and was writing it as it sounded to her.

    1. Frances Post author

      Yes, I do agree about Bureau as she uses it again a bit later on but spelt correctly. What about the French bit?

      1. Kris

        Possibly “vife” refers to a variant of the French word for life. In this case he may have been referring to the frisky, lively or trotty nature of the horse as “vif” is sometimes used as an adjective in that sense. She may have added the “e” not knowing the correct spelling.

        Agree that “tenir” means to hold and he was emphasizing that in context of her wanting to gallop with the necessity to hold on, hold back or hold the reins, etc.

  8. Irmel

    Guessing with help of thecontext here – could it be “drive” as opposite to tenire? And your aunt misspelt it, or didn’t hear it right? How good was her knoeledge of French?


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