Down Hill

As it was such a lovely morning, I walked down the hill to the ponies’ field where I found Lambie had snuck in by himself.

We had a bit of a special moment together (I got to hug him) – which, of course, no one will believe as they weren’t there. He was in an especially good mood.

And then I moved on to talk to the Minions who were very happy eating and enjoying the wonderful, if rarely seen, sunshine.


Magnificent Silver, who was surprisingly friendly too. It must be the sunshine.

And Tiddles’ nose.

Newt was standing uphill on the other side of the valley and, for once in his life, he was taller than me.  He liked that idea and kindly helped me climb up the hill with me hanging onto his tail.

Albie was in pensive mood.

And Storm *** sigh *** – yes, you guessed right, I did spend the first part of my morning trying to catch him so he could eat some breakfast and then try and catch him again, to put him back with his friends.  He is not learning the routine. Not even slightly.

I don’t think he intends to while I am there to run after him.

2 thoughts on “Down Hill

  1. Julia

    I think Storm is one of those creatures who, no matter how old he gets, will always need a Mother

    How else is one supposed to find their breakfast? Because that’s what a Mother is for! 🙂

    I fear he will always be a baby, that one – he’s still got the cute factor though, so that helps!


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