Didn’t work

Flossie made the “Moist” cake – we told her it looked like a bewb and then sniggered like five year olds.


While very red inside, it was delicious.  So, whoever you are, thank you for the “Moist” cake.  Twas wonderful, if strange!


I think I can safely say the epidural caudal block did not work.  LIfe still comes with the same problems  and I have done my waiting of 10-14 days post jag.  Nothing has changed for the better and OH has put up more rails for me to hang onto when I walk so that indoors now resembles an old peoples home.  I am very depressed about the whole state of affairs.

I continue to struggle out everyday for a walk on the road.  It hurts but I do it because I was told it would help. I am very sceptical about this treatment but walk with gritted teeth so that no one can say “well, you were never mobile, so what did you expect?”.

Today, Daisy and Iacs came too, which was nice.


BeAnne got in a bit off a huff….


…when she discovered we were being followed.


It was a lovely day, so rather than hold up Daisy and Iacs, I let them vanish into the distance together.


We met them later on their return,


(that would be me and my followers).


A quick stop for a family photo of Madame Grumpy’s arse, Daisy riding the Silly Frilly plus some roadkill!


I love the way these two walk together.  Dog, what dog?


Cat?  I see no cat.


Anyway, when I asked Daisy if we looked like a normal family.  Her reply was “No, thank God!”


7 thoughts on “Didn’t work

  1. Freyalyn

    So sorry the pain relief doesn’t seem to have worked. How difficult for you. But thank you for sharing these lovely photos. “Cat? What cat?”

  2. Trish

    Just loved looking at your pics from today…. Hilarious!

    BTW – how come there’s no snow in Shetland when we are smothered in the stuff down here in the Midlands? Wel jel!

    Thirdly, I am a fellow back sufferer (sequestrated prolapsed disc L3 & L4) – which happenned due to a fall about 5 years ago. I had root block injections and the going for walks regime, which didn’t work (although I was told to wait 3 months following the injections to make sure) and a very unempathetic consultant who subsequently removed all hope of my being pain free.
    About 18 months after the initial accident I sought a 2nd opinion and was referred to a new (lovely) consultant and (even lovelier) physiotherapist who literally was a miracle worker – I also started doing Pilates at the hospital. (Now I just attend a weekly class in the village hall for ‘normal’ people). Ha!

    I don’t know if it was the timing,the pilates, the new drugs or a combination of everything but I felt loads better within about 6 weeks and I am basically fine – TOUCH WOOD!….(I still do pilates and am very careful with my back).
    I am telling you this as the story of what happenned to me, – I do realise that everyone and their back problem will be different. I sincerely hope my experience helps a little , because I became very low at times (it really can be so unrelenting).

    IMHO I think you should keep riding if you are pain free on horseback (just don’t fall off)! It is so important to keep your spirits up and your back mobile; and you are probably using your core muscles when you ride which is helping your back.
    Anyway, I know I’ve probably gone on a bit too much but I hope this helps. xx

  3. Cate

    So sorry you are in so much pain. I hope the joy you share with us through your blog comes back to you tenfold in healing and restoration to health.

  4. bigears

    i am so sad to hear this, i was hoping that it would help. so keep riding and keep fighting for them to do more and sort it out.

    you are too young to be immobile, so refuse to accept the diagnosis.

    i love the cat walks, he is loving life there isn’t he.

    hugs and hopes


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