On our travels to Sandness a few days ago, it seemed only right to drop in on the girls (and boy, Klængur) who are all living at Jo’s.  I have not really had the chance to get to know my Icelandic girls, Hetja and Esja properly.  Esja is growing up fast and becoming a very nice mare.  She has the same gentle noble presence that Hetja has.  She couldn’t have a better role model than Hetja and you can see that she looks up to her and studies her carefully.

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Klængur was in the stable letting his feet dry out a bit.  He appears less lame and very happy with his lot.  Even if I never ride him again, he is the most huggable horse I know.  I will hug him forever instead.  Anyway, fingers crossed for my boy.  I miss him being with me.


Having exhausted the hugging potential of all things equine, we went inside to annoy Jo as well as providing Snati with some entertainment in the form of BeAnne, who had come along for the ride.


While we had a cup of tea, BeAnne and Snati played the best game – Crocodiles!  It was very funny to watch them play.  I bet BeAnne wishes she had never taught Snati this game when he was a puppy but she gave as good as she got and come home and slept afterwards!

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