Covid Booster

It has taken me three attempts to get my third and last covid booster injection.

A few days ago, based on the government website, I pitched up at a walk-in centre in Bracknell, only to be told it was not walk-in and I had to get an appointment. So I stood in a long queue and was eventually told my appointment was November 30th!  I said no thanks.  It was too far away.

The second attempt was today. First I phoned 911 and was told there was a walk-in place 20 minutes away from the nursing home, so my sister and I drove over only to be told it was appointments-only and no, they wouldn’t have any spare despite some folk not turning up. FFS!  They sent us on.

And off we drove north, ever north, to Stoke Mandeville (now an hour from home) and huzzah, I got my third booster injection.

What a performance.  The misinformation is massive and it made a tricky day even trickier but I have ticked my covid booster off my to-do list.  Phew.

Anywho, here are some calming black and white photos from my walk today.

Darling Ted was very pleased to see us when we came home rather later than usual.

He had been a very good boy ❤️

5 thoughts on “Covid Booster

  1. M in NC

    Frances, good to hear that you are taking care of yourself and Sis too. I managed to get my booster on Friday at the local health Dept. in town. Called, appts were available, wear a short sleeve shirt. The county I live in does not have the best vaccination percentages so I was hoping they would not be too picky about appointments and criteria. Teddy looks happy to see you 🙂

    M in NC

  2. Sam

    I simply do not understand why they make so hard to get the booster they are desperate for us to get. I got the J&J because when I was booking in Feb., I could get J&J in March or another vaccine in late May.
    Now those black and white photos are amazing! Right up there with Teddy’s Open Arms stance! So silly he is.

  3. Mary Colleen McNamara

    So glad you both got boosters. I got Moderna and it laid me low for two days. Very sore arm and brain fog (maybe that is normal for me ??)
    This is a jolt to your immune system which is good, but with all the stress your both are experiencing PLEASE be gentle with yourselves and take care.
    Love the pics especially Teddy with open arms.


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