Clocks Go Backwards

Last night the clocks went backwards which possibly makes it the worst day of the year for all my animals.

Bibble, this morning when he considered I was almost an hour late with his breakfast bucket.  A little known fact – a chap could starve to death in 30 acres of long grass.  At least he had a nice smile and he asked nicely.

So, this afternoon, as I always do, I went to my shed to make Sheeple, only for the nagging to start at about half past two.  Tea is served at 4, Sir.  Yes, that’s 4 o’clock my time, not your’s.

The nagging became less subtle as the minutes ticked by.

And then there was the face.  By now I started to feel slightly nervous.

Meanwhile, behind me there were other pleadings going on too.

This time it was “The Lifted Paw of Actual Starvation” that was employed.

Pepper did try her best to get my attention.

So, with no joy, she went and beat up Ted instead which she knew was guaranteed to annoy me when he made a silly fuss about it.

For good measure, Ted worked the room too.

I broke at 3.30 p.m. as a compromise and to save myself.

(↓ ↓ this afternoon at not-even half past three – Winter is coming or has already arrived and got its feet under the table).

9 thoughts on “Clocks Go Backwards

  1. valerie ahlrgen

    Dear Frances,
    Thank you so very much for your daily news from Thordale. It serves as such a lovely and humane antidote to the rest of the daily news of the world that makes its way to me. And, your cast of characters is supremely marvelous as are your photographs. Seeing Pepper sending you the message yearning for food is identical to the looks I get from my little guy.
    With gratitude,

  2. Suzanne Kelly

    Having worked around animals I do think about the effects of our arbitrary daylight savings times on them.

    But my goodness that is one angry looking cat! And that is one despondent looking doggy!

  3. Judith Garbutt

    So pleased I’m not the only one who suffers in this way! My dog’s teatime is also at 4.00pm but she was determined it should be 2.30 this afternoon.

  4. Elva

    What has worked well for me is that I never feed my dogs and cats at a particular time. They know they will get a home-cooked, delicious meal twice a day, but never at a certain time. This seems to eliminate all pre-meal anxiety! They know we have to finish all the barn work both in the morning and evening before we get to eat ourselves, and they don’t seem to mind. They are busy anticipating the culinary wonders yet to come! Monster might change his attitude if you fed him cooked grass-fed beef heart with broth, which is what my cats and dogs had today!

  5. sam

    Ah yes, changing of the clocks (this Saturday for the US) leads to VERY grumpy and put out critters. I am bracing for the yowls of protest from Little Miss Maine Coon all next week.

  6. Shelley

    Usual dinner at 5:00 but when we ‘Fall’ back I start ‘giving in at 4: 30 then next day 4:45 and 5:00 by the third day. It helps a bit. But then I have just one animal these days.


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