Clever Nature

I was looking at the old men, Haakon and Iacs, while they were eating their breakfast thinking to myself “isn’t nature amazing!”

Both horses were wet (I am trying to be tough and make everyone live outside, even if it rains. My mantra now is “they won’t melt, they are fat; they won’t melt, they are fat” and occasionally I will message Daisy or Flossie so they can confirm this for me and I won’t give in and dish out rugs and stables.)

Nature has kicked in, growing a long multi-layered winter coat….

…. that forms into little points for the rain to drip off, leaving a lovely dry undercoat next to the skin.

The belly (ok, rather huge) remains dry and fluffy from being underneath.

And they also have beautiful dry froo-froo bouffant knickers, as well.

All the lovely dirt and grease built up over the year from not washing it out also adds to their waterproofness.


It really is a bloody brilliant invention of nature and something to encourage, so no rugs or sheds for the foreseeable.  I expect to last the week!

After me, one more time ““they won’t melt, they are fat; they won’t melt, they are fat” !

2 thoughts on “Clever Nature

  1. Sam

    When they appear at the door, then you rug them up. With all this natural water proofing, they are fine to be outside. Plenty of padding to stay warm. Now, if there was snow or ice….rug away.

  2. darby callahan

    already I see that my pony is starting to grow in her winter coat. it is still warm during the days here but at night it gets much cooler. I have also been told it is the waning of light which stimulates hair growth.


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