Christmas Windows

This is today’s Shetland winter morning.  The sun made a brief appearance first thing and then vanished.  At the moment, we have less than six hours of daylight so chores are done quickly.

In the afternoon, we went into Lerwick for the last trudge of Father Christmas’ sledge.  The shop windows were fabulous.

This is the Shetland Times Bookshop’s window.

And this is one of Jamieson’s of Shetland‘s windows.

I love the snow wool mountain.

The wool mill is based in Sandness (4 miles down the road from me) and they have a shop in Lerwick specialising in yarn and Fair Isle sweaters.

Brilliant candy canes too.

From one of our local opticians, Kelly’s, an excellent Christmas tree made of spectacles.  It caught my eye – see what I did there, geddit!

A rock n’ roll Father Christmas at High Level Music.

Moving on down Commercial Street (or “da Street” as it is known) – Ninian, a very wonderful gift shop for all things Shetland.

Their shop is double-fronted and their windows were, as always, inspirational.

I loved the clouds.

But, best of all, I loved the woolly mammoth on his boat.

I only managed to get half way down the street before I had to leave (another appointment beckoned) but I managed to nip to the public toilets where, yes, they have a Christmas window.

I wonder if there is anywhere else in the world where they do this plus their opening hours over the Christmas period.

Lerwick is a very special town full of character and charm.  I strongly recommend you visit and don’t forget to give me a shout too!

11 thoughts on “Christmas Windows

  1. Cathy

    Those shop windows are beautiful, so creative and as good as anything in London’s West End. Not for the first time I am stunned by the talent of the Shetlanders.

  2. Gemma

    I do so love Shetland and Lerwick. We’ve been twice now and are hoping to come back next autumn. I’m an avid reader of your blog but not so good at commenting. I do love that I can get a regular dose of Shetland from reading your posts. Maybe we could bring our little boys to meet you all next year!

  3. Linda

    Thank you for the tour – what a beautiful collection of store fronts! (As a knitter, I’m especially fond of seeing Jamieson’s)

  4. Terri

    Thank you! I especially llike Jamieson’s of Shetland — lovely wool. The Shetland sky never disappoints — beautiful photos!

  5. louise stopford

    Lovely Christmas shop window displays. Lerwick looks such a charming town, packed with character and history. It would be a marvellous place to visit, but for now we can view it all through your eyes. You get less than 6 hours of daylight, I bet it’s a rush to get all your outside chores done. Well it’s the shortest day tomorrow (21st Dec) so gradually things should improve.

  6. Sharon

    Thank you so much for your talented and enjoyable advent photos. It is a special part of my day when I open one each morning. Best wishes to you and your family. (two legged and 4)

  7. Nancy

    I love when you show the Christmas windows!!
    They all look so handmade and creative!!
    I miss when stores used to doll up their windows for Christmas, so it’s nice to see a few here!!
    Thank you for sharing and Happy Holidays!!

  8. Doro

    Neil Forsyth directed me to the window displays here. What beautifully dressed windows. This was a real joy to see. Thanks for all your work in presenting these.


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